A woman lives 4 months with the dog of another following an error of her canine groomer

The mistress wondered why her dog named Emma had such a strange behavior on her way home from the groomer. The more the days passed, the more his actions became unrecognizable. There was a reason the owner would never have thought of.

A woman took her dog as usual Emma, from a cross between a German Shepherd and a Newfoundland female, at his canine groomer. During the time of the cut, she went to do some shopping, then picked up her animal.

Upon arrival, the mistress noticed a change in her dog’s behavior instantly, but she blamed it on the stress of the ordeal of the bath and hair dryer. She would send that Emma would come to her senses when she got home.

“When we picked her up, she started acting very strange. Physically she was the same, but mentally she wasn’t there.”a confirmed woman at daily star.

Even worse, Emma now showed signs of aggression. “She bit my hand when I was feeding her. Also, she ignored the people she usually knew and liked.”added the mistress.

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The shock 4 months later

4 long months have thus passed, without the owner recognizing his loyal company. One day, she received a phone call from the groomer asking her to immediately bring Emma in its premises.

He then explained to her that he had made a terrible mistake. He was wrong Emma with Bearhis biological sister from the same litter, but belonging to another couple.

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“For 4 months I cared for and loved this dog I called Emma. She looked exactly like my pooch, but was somewhat different from the Emma I once knew”named the woman still emotionally shaken.

The 2 canids have therefore finally found their respective homes. The owner ofEmma testified to his fear that this misunderstanding had seriously affected the dogs psychologically. Only the future will tell.

The canine groomer apologized and offered the 2 customers a gift basket as compensation.


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