A woman finds an abandoned cat in the parking lot of a McDonald’s restaurant and decides to help her

Dropouts are unfortunately commonplace in this period. Fortunately, good Samaritans do not remain insensitive and do what is necessary for these animals to have the right to a joyful existence. This magnificent tomcat was looking for rescue at all costs and fortunately, he now enjoys the life of a king.

Alex da Ponte went with his son to McDonald’s in his city on a beautiful day in July 2022.

While in the drive-thru queue, she saw a young male cat in the parking lot trying to climb into customers’ cars. Nevertheless, he always got pushed back.

“I saw 2 families dodge the tomcat as they walked back to their vehicles…so I decided to catch it. No one else was paying attention to him and he clearly needed help.”an explanation alexander a The Dodo.

The young woman then parked her sedan and then went to meet him. Since he was wearing a necklace, she at first thought he had her house nearby. But his attitude showed the opposite.

Indeed, when she called him, he came to her and climbed into the passenger seat without warning.

A new life with the neighbors

Well installed in the back seat with the little boy, the tomcat instantly relaxed.

The mom named the cat Seatspicked up her order and then went home, with the meal and a new furry friend.

“He was completely comfortable. He even pilfered a fries once the food arrived”a report to the young woman.

It didn’t take more foralexander and her son fell totally under the spell of the little feline.

Seats was not identified and a new family had to be found for him quickly. alexander could not keep it, because she already had several animals at home.

Fortunately, his neighbors who visited him wanted to give him a chance.

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“They literally fell for his demonstrative and affectionate character and adopted him. So Seats is now our neighbor”the lifeguard said happily.

The red tomcat will therefore no longer have to demand attention from passers-by. He enjoys a comfortable life and makes his masters happy.


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