A woman comes back from the store and discovers that her dog’s tongue has turned blue!


Ludivine Mazzotti

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Rhonda left her dog, Lily, in the car right outside the grocery store with the air conditioning on. She was gone for two minutes, then she got back in the car.

A huge surprise

She did not expect at all the discovery she was going to make!

Lily was looking out the window and her back to her mistress. Then when she turned her muzzle towards her and opened her mouth. His tongue was all blue!

Lily pretended nothing had happened, and that was probably the funniest part!

Rhonda burst out laughing, as she realized where the sudden color was coming from.

Everything is explained

In fact, Rhonda had left an ice-cold blue drink in the cup holder. Apparently, Lily was established by this drink and wanted to taste it. Just a little lick, neither seen nor known.

Except that the pretty dog ​​had not imagined that her tongue would turn blue, which would not go unnoticed…

Rhonda laughed a lot and the dog was happy to see her mistress laughing.

To clarify all the same, that if the sugar contained in this drink is not toxic for dogs, however too much sugar or sweetener can cause health problems for doggies. It is therefore preferable to avoid giving it to them.

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