A watchdog on the Néobus network

This is one of the measures taken to respond to incivility on the Néobus network. A canine team was added to the workforce almost three weeks ago. A guard dog thus patrols five days a week in the various stations of the network. A deterrent generally well received by drivers and users of the service.

He’s a security guard unlike any other. Six-year-old Belgian Shepherd Malinois has been walking the Néobus stations since October 1st. With his dog handler, he is part of the security system. It is clear that the presence of the animal can prove to be a deterrent. Something to reassure the driver Brigitte who now knows”that there is a dog and a person with it, so that is of some use”.

At work

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In the field, the deterrent force of a defense dog is equivalent to that of five officers. An asset in a context of upsurge in incivility, with an average of two stonings per week since the beginning of the year. Devina knows the problems that the network encounters:

There are times when it’s hot with everything that’s going on, the rocks, the young people at the moment, it’s still reassuring to know that there is security with dogs around.

Safety devices are controlled remotely. If necessary, the operators of the checkpoint can send the canine brigade to stations or buses on the network, specifies Daniel Talia, a regulator:

Where there are band phenomena, there is a risk that it will degenerate. We send the brigade as a priority and if it’s calm we direct them where there is a need that is felt.

Daniel Talia, Neobus network

Security guards are not allowed to carry weapons in the field. But the presence of a dog is authorized subject to having trained staff. The management wanted to draw inspiration from what works elsewhere to set up its new system. Clément Simutoga, the director of transport and his teams operate”a watch on what is happening in the other networks, especially overseas“. He thinks “having the chance to work with a company that also does consulting and demonstrations, the main thing being to decide whether to continue with a device that had its limits or to test something new”.
The establishment of the Dog Police Brigade is part of a fairly broad framework, in response to the increase in violence. Carsud decided in September to increase its security budget by more than 20%.

The report by Valentin Deleforterie and Lina Waka-Céou:

A canine brigade for the Néobus network

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