A tiger escapes from a zoo in Ukraine, panic in Slovakia where the animal was seen

Authorities in eastern Slovakia have urged residents to exercise caution after a tiger was spotted in a border area of ​​the country on Sunday, September 4, 2022. As the succession euro news the young feline had escaped from a private breeding in the town of Strychava, in neighboring Ukraine.

Poloniny National Park said on its Facebook account on Sunday that camera traps had recorded the presence of the tiger near three Slovak towns. The city of Ulic then asked citizens to limit their trips outside and not to take any risks. “If you see an animal, call the police or the mayor of the village”we read in the message published on the social network.

Slovak authorities alerted by their Ukrainian counterparts

Director of the Poloniny National Park, Miroslav Bural, told the news agency Tasr that the tiger was originally kept in a zoo in eastern Ukraine, but was transported west due to the Russian invasion. Police in the region said they were informed of the tiger’s escape by their Ukrainian counterparts. On Monday, Slovakia’s environment ministry said there were no new sightings of the animal.

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