a third focus discovered in the west of the department

After the discovery of many ducks found dead, in a farm in the department, an epidemiological investigation is underway to find out the origin of the contamination.

In a press release, the services of the prefecture of Ain specify that “in accordance with the rules of health management, surveillance and control measures were immediately taken to prevent the spread of the virus”.

Protection and surveillance zones set up

A knowledge :
• the home has been depopulated and the buildings will be completely disinfected,
• a protection zone and a surveillance zone have been delimited respectively within a radius of 3 and 10 km around the outbreak.

In order to control the risk of spreading the virus, the movement of poultry is prohibited in the municipalities located within a radius of 10 km.

“The breeder will be compensated for the losses suffered”

It should be noted that measures to strengthen “biosecurity and self-checks by operators” have also been taken in the municipalities located within a radius of 20 km around the outbreak.

The prefecture indicates that “State services are mobilized alongside the breeder who will be compensated for the losses suffered”.

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