A sheep killed by dogs, a pedestrian knocked down … The various facts of this Wednesday in Auvergne

A 50-year-old man was hit by a commercial vehicle on Tuesday around 8:30 p.m. at the corner of Oradou and Gantière streets. Injured, he was transported to the CHU of Clermont-Ferrand by the firefighters. The police went to the scene. The alcohol and narcotics tests that were submitted to the driver of the utility came back negative.

Four drivers fined for excessive speeds in Ravel

The gendarmes of the community of brigades of Billom carried out a speed control, Wednesday, between 7:30 am and 8:30 am, on the RD 20, in Ravel. Four drivers were fined for having driven respectively at 77, 93, 94 and 105 km / h, on a portion limited to 50. The last excess resulted in a license retention.

A biker dies after a head-on collision with a car in Sauvessanges (Puy-de-Dôme)


Suspected of several burglaries in Cantal, they remain imprisoned

Three Romanian nationals aged 18 and 21 for the youngest, in their forties for the oldest, were presented on Tuesday to the Aurillac Criminal Court as part of an immediate comparison. They are suspected of having committed a dozen burglaries in Corrèze, Dordogne, but also in Cantal, in Saignes and Vic-sur-Cère, at the beginning of the summer. Incarcerated following a conviction by the criminal court of Guéret (Creuse) since July, they requested a delay, provided for by the procedure, to prepare their defense. They remain imprisoned, pending their trial in October, at the Aurillac remand center.


Two dogs kill a sheep in Souvigny

Alerted by unusual noises coming from his flock of sheep, an owner found two dogs in his field, as well as a dead sheep. The facts occurred late Tuesday afternoon, at a place called La Varenne in Souvigny. The animal had bite marks on the neck. The gendarmes of Montet came to note the facts. After being locked up with a neighbor, the two dogs were taken care of by the municipal services. Their identification is in progress. If the owner is found, he will be subject to a fine for wandering animals, indirectly for the damage they may have caused. The owner of the sheep has meanwhile made it known that he intends to file a complaint.

A habitable house following a fire in Souvigny

A fire spread to a house on rue de Fontenelle in Souvigny on Tuesday around 2 p.m. after the tenant left the premises. The fire, reported by people working nearby, was brought under control by firefighters from Souvigny and Moulins. The start of the fire was due to an electrical failure of the kitchen hood, according to the first elements of the gendarmerie investigation. The house, very damaged, is habitable. The town hall of Souvigny has found a housing solution for the person who lived there.

A car crashes into a fence in Chezy

On Wednesday, around 3 p.m., a driver reportedly fell asleep on the road from Chapelle-aux-Chasses to Chézy. His vehicle went out of the way, causing the degradation of a park fence. The driver, the only occupant of the car, had no injuries, but was evacuated by firefighters to the hospital center.


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