A serval on the loose? Firefighters capture a domesticated wild animal in Tourcoing

A domesticated wild cat was seen on Sunday in Tourcoing before being seen by firefighters.

Abnormal scene in the streets of Tourcoing. Sunday afternoon, a feline which could be a savannah or a serval, was perceived by the firefighters.

He “roamed the private gardens”

The domesticated wild animal, whose presence was reported by residents, wandered in the private gardens of several homes, indicates the SDIS du Nord. He would have attacked a chicken coop, reporter our colleagues from The voice of the North. The municipal police and the national police also took part in the operation.

It took three hours for the fifteen firefighters mobilized to anesthetize the feline, spotted thanks to a drone. A canine team was also called in as reinforcements. He was then taken care of by the municipal police kennel of Tourcoing.

It remains to be determined whether it is a savannah or a serval, a feline originating from the savannah and whose detention in France is subject to regulations.

An illegal without detention permitted

According to The voice of the Norththe animal, whose papers indicate that it is an 18-month-old savannah, “probably” belonged to a resident of rue Winoc-Choqueel, traveling to Paris at the time of the events.

The possession of a savannah is free if its weight is less than 6 kilos. On the other hand, the capacity of domestic detention of a serval requires an administrative authorization and a certificate for the breeding of non-permitted animals, both issued by the prefecture.

If the animal’s papers are not in order, its owner can risk up to 3 years in prison and a fine of 150,000 euros, as well as the seizure of the animal.

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