A race of giant dogs animates the streets of Villeurbanne

A race of giant mechanical dogs took place in the streets of Villeurbanne this Sunday, for a show that could be improved, but overall successful.

On the third day of the show, the crowd is less dense than expected, but the giant animals still amaze the public. The “BullMachin”, a festive course of giant mechanical dogs, crossed the central avenues of Villeurbanne, this Sunday, September 25, for the world premiere of the new show from the company Royal de Luxe.

The two giant dogs, Xolo and Bull Machin, 4.4 meters high and 850 kilos heavy, arrived two days earlier in the streets of Villeurbanne, to look for each other and warm up before the final race. This Sunday at 3 p.m., start of the race! The rain threatened, tarnishing the party a little. But in the end, it was perhaps the big Bull that got the spectators the most wet: passing by, it projects a giant jet of slime randomly on the crowd, happily spraying the unfortunate people…

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Giant dog race

©Vincent Dicat

The crowd was finally less dense than announced for the event this Sunday. But over the three days of wanderings, although the figures are not yet known, several thousand spectators attended the show. Sound malfunctions were also noted on the loudspeakers, and the show seems to suffer from some imperfections, but the spectators we met seemed to be won over by the magic of the race despite everything.

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© Vincent Dicat

At the end of the race, at 6 p.m., no winner, no loser, the two competitors arrived tied at the finish line…

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