A protected animal, Monsieur Fossa celebrates his 20th birthday at the zoological reserve of Calviac-en-Périgord

The animal arrived in couple with Lanto, at the opening of the site in 2008, among the pioneers, well before the arrival last June of the last resident, the media red panda.

The pit is native to Madagascar and lives in tropical forests. This predator of the eupleridae family, close to the feline, is strictly carnivorous. It feeds mainly on lemurs, but not here: in Calviac, the lemur is a protected species. In the history of the Malagasy, the fossa is the biggest predator on the island: “For them, it occupies the place that the wolf has with us, coming to haunt the surroundings of the houses”, says Emmanuel Mouton, the director of the zoological reserve.

“Of all the captive population of pits in Europe, 20% appears to be of Calviacoise lineage”

Preservation objective

Mr. Fossa and his female have the distinction of being the couple of their species that has reproduced best in the world. “Of the entire captive population of pits in Europe, 20% appears to be of Calviacoise lineage”, proudly explains the site manager. Their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren can be found in Russia, England and Ireland. Today, the couple have earned their sexual retirement: “As we are one of the few institutions to control reproduction, the breeding program has assigned us a young couple”, continues Emmanuel Mouton.

In the wild, the fossa lives in tropical forests.

Calviac Zoological Reserve

The non-profit Calviac reserve aims to preserve endangered species. Its founder specifies that the preservation of animals is done in two ways: “through a breeding program coordinated at European level and a program for the conservation of the natural habitat of animals”. Thus, when a visitor buys a ticket, he can choose which program will go to part of the amount he pays. For the moment, it is the lemur that the public wants the most cared for.

August 3 is also the anniversary of the opening of the Calviac reserve. For the occasion, it will welcome all Calviacois and Calviacoises who wish, for a party, organized Thursday, August 11th. Maybe Monsieur Fossa will be entitled to a nice bowl as a gift.

The animals of La Teste have returned

Due to the fires that ravaged the Gironde, the zoological reserve of Calviac-en-Périgord welcomed 13 animals from the zoo of La Teste-de-Buch from July 18: wallabies, a yellow mongoose, kamichis, gouras … Friday, July 29, all danger having been averted, they returned safe and sound to their home in the Arcachon basin, including the three baby kamichis born on the day of the evacuation. “It’s quite a symbol to see back at the zoo”, rejoiced the zoo of La Teste on its Facebook page.

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