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Epidemiological indicators have shown a resumption of circulation of the Covid-19 virus, particularly in the Pays-de-Loire region. The ARS advises to carry out a recall of the vaccine.

In the department of Sarthe, the resumption of the Covid-19 epidemic is noticeable. And the oldest are the most affected: the incidence rate for those over 65 is higher than for general pollution, with a difference of 117 points. Hospitalizations are also on the rise: more than 23% in one week, in the region.

The booster shot

According to a press release from ARS Pays-de-Loire, a new vaccination campaign has been open since October 3, “in order to protect the most vulnerable people”.

Who is eligible for vaccination?

For people aged 80 and over, residents of EHPAD or USLD and immunocompromised people, the recall is possible from 3 months after the last injection or contamination.

For the others, the recall is possible from 6 months after the last injection or contamination.

Note that the reminder against Covid-19 is “developed compatible with the annual flu vaccination”.


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