A new animal spotted in the Seine, this time it’s a beluga

After an orca in May, it is the turn of a beluga to come and venture into the waters of the Seine, in Eure, our colleagues from Paris-Normandy report. Spotted Tuesday, August 2, 2022 in the morning, the animal is believed to be native to arctic waters, Subarctic and St. Lawrence Estuary, Quebec.

It happens that some individuals stray into more southern waters, but this remains an anomaly. They are not elsewhere not made to survive long in fresh water.

Very difficult to observe, the authorities first believed in a dolphin, before the services of the French Office for Biodiversity and the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations identified it thanks to a photo as being a beluga, a species very dolphin-like. The authorities are now seeking to assess his state of health, in order to optimize his chances of survival.

On Wednesday August 3, a team of firefighters recovered at the Poses dam, south of Rouen, to try to spot the beluga using a drone. Without success. From now on, the prefecture calls for the greatest vigilance and asks the population not to try to approach the animal so as not to accentuate its stress.

Following this identification, the Eure prefecture also indicated at the end of the day on Wednesday that more resources were to be committed Thursday, August 4, 2022. In particular, it called on a cetacean study group based in Le Havre.


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