A municipal decree to authorize shooting at stray dogs in mountain pastures?

This is the radical measure that the mayors of Bagnères-de-Bigorre and Beaudéan, Claude Cazabat and Yves Laffaille, have thought about, in order to protect the herds in the mountain pastures of the farmers of their communes. These stray dogs that feed on the country represent a calamity for breeders.

In a post published on September 5 on the “Vie d’Estive” Facebook page, in the same category: the mayor of Beaudéan has already taken the measure after a dozen sheep were slaughtered by a large canine in the sector of Monné, according to findings made by technicians from the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB) earlier this week.

“I did not take any orders” denies Yves Laffaille. “Only, after several stray dog ​​attacks in our area, I raised the possibility of taking this measure in front of the impacted breeder and the OFB technicians, if the prefecture offers us authorization, and in a way described.

In my opinion, a stray dog ​​that has already attacked and killed should be removed, and I assume my position. Such measures have apparently been taken in other municipalities in the past. I therefore asked advice from these municipalities, and await their return to find out if this could be possible. Claude Cazabat, mayor of Bagnères, agrees: “We can no longer let the herds of our farmers be slaughtered without doing anything.

They do a difficult job, and we don’t want them to end up getting discouraged”.

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