A mayor of the Oise prohibits the opening of windows in the classrooms


It’s a sacred rant that Christophe Dietrich, mayor of Laigneville (Oise)grows this Monday, October 24, 2022. The mayor of this town located between Creil and Clermont, signed a municipal decree to limit energy expenditure by prohibiting the opening of classroom doors and windows and communal buildings.

This is one of the answers it provides to address the problem of increasingly high gas costs.

The health protocol requires opening the windows in schools

The mayor decided to prohibit the opening of “windows of classes and communal buildings” and this, despite the health protocol in force in schools, and decided by National Education.

Covid-19 has not disappeared

The decision of the mayor of Laigneville thus goes against the health protocol put in place by the government in the fight against the spread of Covid-19. From the start of the school year, the National Education had in fact recommended ” ventilation for at least 10 minutes every hour “.

In mid-October, on a national scale, the number of positive cases was multiplied by three compared to the beginning of September, the date of the start of the school year.

Heating or canteen? You may have to choose

For Christophe Dietrich, the obligation to open the windows every hour is “aberrant. We will never have 19 degrees in the classrooms, he confides, and it is out of the question, given the price of gas, that I push the boilers to 25 degrees ”.

In a municipality where the working capital stands at around one million euros, an explosion in energy costs could contradict the municipality to review its commitments, in particular for the school: “a certain number of services could no longer be insured: the canteen, the after-school reception and the leisure center “warns Christophe Dietrich.

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The mayor has already announced to the population that “The 2022 electricity bill will be three times higher than in 2021”the price of gas “will have even more impactful consequences, and we know very well that in 2023, it will not be better”, warns the mayor of Laigneville.

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