A marine animal, probably a beluga, observed in the Seine

youn marine animal, which would be a beluga, a protected species of cetacean normally living in cold waters, was spotted on Tuesday August 2 in the Seine, the Eure prefecture announced on Wednesday.

According to the study of the first pictures, “the animal would be a beluga”, “a protected species of cetacean normally living in arctic, subarctic waters and in the estuary of the St. Lawrence in Quebec”, indicates the prefecture in a press release, without specifying in which sector of the Seine the animal was seen, nor the size of the individual.

In adulthood, a beluga measures about 4 meters. The identification work was carried out jointly by the services of the French Office for Biodiversity and the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations. “An assessment of his state of health is underway in order to take appropriate measures to optimize his chances of survival”, adds the press release, specifying that “it happens to isolated individuals to wander in more southern waters”, which able to “temporarily survive in fresh water”.

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The second cetacean observed in the Seine in a few weeks.

The prefecture asks the population not to move around the site or try to approach the beluga so as “not to stress the animal during the information gathering phase”. It emphasizes that the State services “are mobilized for the preservation of wildlife and continue their continuous monitoring of the population”.

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At the beginning of June, an orca had been produced in the Seine, between Rouen and Le Havre. The animal was finally found dead and an autopsy favored death by starvation.

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