A man taken into police custody in Nice for having left his dog on his balcony for days in the middle of a heat wave without water or food

The neighbors had watched helplessly at the sad spectacle for days. Stuck in a few square meters, in full sun, a Rottweiler-type dog was left to its own devices, on a balcony where it would have remained without water or food. The ground was strewn with his droppings.

In order to help the poor animal, the neighbors of this Nice building on Mont Boron have even set up a system to allow the dog to drink. From the balcony above and using a rope, they lowered a bucket filled with water to prevent the animal from dying of dehydration.

A call for help on social networks

“We were notified of the problem following a video posted a few days ago on social networks.says Anne-Claire Chauvancy, president of the Animal Protection Action association (1). People identified us on the video, not knowing what to do.”

It didn’t take much for the APA to take matters into its own hands. And an investigator was sent on site on Wednesday to analyze the situation.

“The owner of the dog was at homecontinues Anne-Claire Chauvancy. It was a habit for him to put his dog back on the balcony. The neighborhood told us that he would be a dog handler. His dog is therefore a work accessory that he “puts away” when he no longer needs it. » A “closet” which was around 40 degrees when Kpone, this 4-year-old dog, was finally able to be freed from his ordeal by the association and the police.

Its owner was taken into custody “for possession of a categorized dog without declaration, lack of insurance and voluntary abandonment of a domestic animal, an offense punishable by three years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros”specifies the president of the APA who also filed a complaint against him.

In situations like this, the animals go to partner shelters of the association, until a court decision is rendered.

(1) Created on July 16, 2020, the association’s main objective is “to stem animal suffering from its source until the conviction of the perpetrators of abuse”as its site indicates.


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