A kangaroo kills a man in Australia, a first since 1936

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Kangaroos are generally perceived as cute and harmless animals. However, they can be very dangerous. In Australia, a 77-year-old man has died due to a kangaroo attack.

A first since 1936

The news was announced by Australian law enforcement on September 13. The latter note that this is the first fatal attack by a kangaroo in Australia since 1936. A relative would have found the septuagenarian with serious injuries on his property located in Redmond, near Albany, in the region of Greater Southern Western Australia.

Paramedics and police came to the scene to help him. However, the man died at the scene. As the kangaroo showed some aggression and prevented the rescuers from approaching the injured man, they unfortunately had to put him down.

The kangaroo posed an ongoing threat to emergency responders and officers present provided the kangaroo was euthanized by firearm said a police spokesperson.

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These animals cannot live in captivity

The kangaroo was less than 12 months old. The police believe that the victim kept him as a pet, which is prohibited at least to have a special authorization. Indeed, the Australian authorities can sometimes issue permits to keep wild animals. Only, they rarely issue any for kangaroos.

Graeme Coulson, an expert in kangaroo behavior, says the animal can become dangerous when cornered or when in some sort of distress. ” The problem with kangaroos and humans is that we’re both standing animals, we stand on two legs, and an upright stance like that is a challenge for the male kangaroo. “, he added.

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