A Husky with a difficult past becomes the ten millionth dog adopted from an association

Nothing predestined Balto, Siberian Husky, to join the De La Rosa family, passing through a pet store in Texas. And yet, that day, he will draw a line under a difficult past and make an association cross the milestone of 10 million adoptions.

A nice morning, Vanessa De La Rose and her family went to a pet store in Texas to buy an algae eater for their aquarium, she tells People. Outside, there is a tent in which an animal adoption event organized by the association takes place PetSmart Charities. Out of curiosity, the family went there, but they didn’t think they would stay there forever…

Illustration of the article: A Husky with a difficult past becomes the ten millionth dog adopted by an association

PetSmart Charities

Their day took a whole different turn.

Once inside, they crossed paths with Balto. This magnificent Siberian Husky with piercing blue eyes of love immediately caught the eye of the family From La Rosa. The son of vanessa and Ezri will quickly befriend the dog. ” The more my son interacted with Balto, the more I saw the connection between them. […] He played with Balto, and Balto never made us nervous around him ” to tell about vanessa a People. The tenderness of Balto towards their son was one more ” to pay Ezri.

Illustration of the article: A Husky with a difficult past becomes the ten millionth dog adopted by an organization

PetSmart Charities

The Husky story convinced them

The affinities with Balto were created naturally, but the heavy past of the dog was also a trigger in the adoption of the canine. This one lived chained outside and had not known enough human interactions in the past. To pay Ezri, it was clear. ” We had to take it he confides. Family From La Rosa then decided that they would be the ones who would give him a new life, and the event was relayed and liked by hundreds of Internet users on the page Facebook from the Association.

Despite a somewhat timid start to her new home, Balto henceforth seem to be perfectly integrated into it. He shares his daily life there with other dogs, and their days are filled with fun and nonsense, as their mistress explains: ” They play together. They dig holes together. They rip the toys together. Like we said, all of our puppies are almost like brothers because they’ve really bonded. But it took some time to get her to interact and feel comfortable in this new environment. “.

This adoption allowed the association PetSmart Charities to reach the coveted milestone of 10 million adoptions. Vanessa, Ezri and their 3 children hope their story will bring more people to help dogs in need. ” We think this is something people need to know: these animals need love. They become your best friends. They are faithful. In fact, they become loyal. And that is really special. »

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