a first case discovered in the Dordogne

A temporary control zone has been set up by the prefecture and a crisis unit is scheduled for next Tuesday at the Chamber of Agriculture. Périgord broke a record last spring with more than 300,000 slaughtered animals.

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A first case of avian flu was detected in the Dordogne in a breeding of young hens between Lunas and Saint-Georges-Blancaneix, in the west of the department, according to information from France Bleu Périgord on Friday October 21, confirmed by the prefecture. The suspicion dates back to Wednesday.

An epidemiological investigation conducted by the DDETSPP (Departmental Directorate for Employment, Labor, Solidarity and Population Protection) is currently underway to try to determine how the farm was infected and whether the risk of seeing the virus spreads to other farms in the Dordogne has been proven.

A temporary control zone has been set up by the prefecture and a technical meeting is being held this Friday. The Chamber of Agriculture is also convening a crisis unit next Tuesday with the prefecture, to decide on the measures to be taken. The return of migratory birds has barely been carried out in the Dordogne, which raises fears of a catastrophic winter for breeders, specifies France Bleu Périgord.

Between April and June, Périgord broke a record with around 330,000 poultry slaughtered after an episode of avian flu. In September, the level of risk was raised from “negligible” to “moderate” by the Minister of Agriculture.

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