a drug dealer exposed because of his pet

The Marseille police went from discovery to discovery, on October 9, with this 19-year-old young man, reading our colleagues from Provence. While checking a motorist who was guilty of speeding, they came face to face with a monkey. A marmoset with “white brushes” to be precise. A protected animal whose keeping is illegal.

The driver then explains that he has just bought the primate after having answered an ad on the Snapchat social network and that it has just escaped from its cage, hence its excessive speed. But the animal seems malnourished and injured. The police decided toa search of his home to determine the living conditions of the little monkey.

This is where they were discovered a kilo of cannabis resin, as well as cartridges of buckshot. Objects – whose possession is illegal – that the young man explained “for a friend”. His lawyer explained, at the bar of the Marseille Criminal Court, that the young man is actually the “nurse of a traffic” of narcotics.

The owner of the Ouistiti, named Léon, was sentenced to 18 months in prison, 4 of which were suspended. The animal was taken care of by the veterinary services.

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