A dozen cats and 3 dogs rescued by an association of an unhealthy house in Moselle

Members of animal protection organizations do not get used to such cases. This rescue had to be carried out over 2 days as long as the conditions were disastrous. The cats and dogs present on site were fortunately taken to the shelter where they are currently receiving care. The owner was interviewed by the police.

The Animal protection Society (SPA) of Strasbourg took place on Tuesday October 4 and Wednesday October 5, 2022 in a house located in Niederstinzel Fr Moselle.

The organization had indeed received reports from local residents worried about the dogs and cats who lived there in unprecedented unsanitary conditions.

“The occupant of the premises had had the information that we were going to intervene so she took refuge in the new accommodation in which she was going to move”a declared patrick brauerthe director of the shelter Despite them of the SPAa News.

It was therefore alone that the agents entered the house and discovered the “House of Horror”.

“There were thousands of droppings, dirty cages, humidity everywhere and it was pitch black. There was no longer a square centimeter free. It looked like a house bombed in 45”clarified Mr Brauer.

2 days of intervention to carry out the rescue mission

The poor beasts were piled up among the filth. The ten cats and the 3 dogs were in a deplorable state of health. They were covered with parasites and suffered, as a result, from skin diseases.

“The owner showed us some recently purchased flea products, but treating animals that live in a totally infested environment is useless. It was swarming everywhere”an explanation Mr Brauer.

By dint of courage and determination, the volunteers and investigators succeeded in bringing all the poor animals to safety within the shelter of the Despite them.

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First, the doggies and tomcats received a therapeutic bath aimed at eliminating fleas, calming their itching and cleaning their soiled coat. They are now recovering from their harsh past with caring caretakers.

At the same time, the owner of the animals was interviewed by the gendarmerie. “We offered him our help”a conclusion Mr Brauer.


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