A dog saved by firefighters after falling into a hopper near Péronne

A dog fell Sunday morning into a hopper. It took the fire techs to get him out of his uncomfortable position without hurting him, which they did. The beast found the ground of the cows in excellent health.

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The firefighters from the east of the department were mobilized on Sunday morning around 10 a.m., called by a farmer from Liéramont (north of Péronne), who had noticed that his dog had fallen into a grain lifting hopper.


The animal, a spaniel, was stuck 3 meters deep in a narrow space. He wasn’t hurt but he was aggressive because he was scared. It was difficult to reach.

The mission being complicated, it was necessary to call on the technicians of the GRIMP (reconnaissance group in perilous environment) to approach the animal and bring it back up. The animal having understood that the firefighters wanted to get it out of there, it let itself be done and reassembled, and it was returned to its owner in excellent health.

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