A dog put on a diet amuses and moves Internet users in a video that has gone viral

Toby’s owner, a Boston Terrier, recently filmed his dog in a funny and touching scene. The video has been viewed millions of times and made the animal famous on the TikTok social network.

Many animals of all kinds find success on TikTok. That’s what happened to TobyNope boston terrierfilmed by his master while the latter refused to fill his bowl correctly.

The least we can say is that this imposed diet seemed to displease the animal. The video quickly went viral on ICT Tac and even reached over 5 million views!

@tobythegentleman His reaction made me sad ????#dogsoftiktok #bostonterrier ♬ original sound – TobyTheGentleman

We see his master depositing a tiny quantity of kibble in his bowl, then Toby tap on it. A way for the dog to ask for more. You only have to watch his eyes to understand that the boston terrier asks a lot of questions! We even hear him let out a little cry of sadness…

Feed him immediately! », « My heart is broken ! », « It’s so funny. “: the reactions of Internet users were linked and mixed various feelings. Anger, pain and fun. What is certain is that Toby did not go unnoticed and captured the attention of many people.

Illustration of the article: A dog put on a diet amuses and moves Internet users in a video that has gone viral

Toby the gentleman / TikTok

The owner of the dog obviously clarified that he had fed him and that it was a joke, in order to reassure angry Internet users.

Nowadays, Toby remains very famous on the social network. TobyTheGentleman and his adventures are followed by 1.5 million followers. There is no doubt that he will be able to arouse many new reactions from his conquered audience.

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