A dog lost and victim of an accident mobilizes the local community who move heaven and earth to find her

After a runaway and an accident, a dog was found healthy and rescued and returned to her owners, thanks to a tremendous outpouring of solidarity from the local community, reported WLUC.

On Monday, July 18, Meagan Glesser and his father Tom Glesser, a former military and civilian pilot, had traveled from their Florida home to their summer home in the Upper Peninsula region of Michigan. Their female dog Izzy accompany them.

Search and recovery of Moore’s lost K9/Facebook

The family was not far from their destination when the trip turned into a nightmare. As the trio came to franchise the Mackinacsuspension bridge spanning the lake Huron, Izzy mentioned jumping out of the vehicle and onto the highway.

The accident was inevitable. A car hit the dog, who then rushed into the woods along the expressway on the side of St. Ignatius.

Megan and her father looked for her everywhere on the spot, without result. Their call for help was widely relayed on Facebook, and many locals reacted to it. Lost animal search groups, including Search and recovery of Moore’s lost K9 and Michigan Lost and Found Networkalso mobilized.

Nearly 40 people came to the aid of Gless, including bringing them food and blankets. A generosity that touched them enormously. ” I was stunnedsaid To M. I was an airline pilot for 37 years and a naval pilot for 10 years before that. Of all the places I have been I have never encountered a community like this in St. Ignace “.

“This kind of support is unheard of”

The next day Tuesday, a woman contacted Megane to tell her the good news that she and her father had been hoping for so much; she had just seen Izzy in the woods, close to the highway. Her masters went immediately to the spot, and the dog turns out well in the place indicated.

Megane sat down on the grass and started calling Izzy taking care not to frighten him, so as not to cause another runaway. The quadruped ended up joining her.

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Its owner is so characterized by the kindness of the people of the region that she told her father: ” i really want to move here now, because this kind of support is unheard of “.

Izzy did not have any apparent injuries, but she was still to be seen by a veterinarian the day after the reunion.


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