a dog has a hilarious idea and internet users join forces to offer him his dream

Heat wave at the shelter: a dog has a hilarious idea

Centaur is a 4-year-old Austin Animal Center shelter dog.

Members of the shelter recently caught him doing something absolutely hilarious.

An original concept

Centaur is a pooch bursting with energy. He loves to play seek and retrieve objects. Once he’s drained of his energy, he just hugs everyone.

In early May, the state of Texas experienced a severe heat wave. The pooch discovered a bucket of water and had the good idea to put his four paws in it.

His body is much too big to fit inside the bucket, but the dog doesn’t seem bothered by this “detail” at all!

When the shelter posted the photo of the pooch in the bucket on Facebook, people started a campaign for Centaur to have its own dog pool.

The shelter happily agreed, certain that the pooch would love to have more space to splash around.

An idea that falls… in the water!

However, they were far from suspecting what awaited them.

The shelter teams filled him with a small dog pool, but Centaur still preferred his bucket!

Eventually, a month later, Centaur finally tried the dog pool and he splits his time evenly between it and the bucket.

The staff of the shelter hopes that Centaur will quickly find a family for life, with whom he can deposit his favorite bucket!

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