A dog goes to meet the rescuers to rescue his master who had suffered a terrible fall

A 53-year-old man fell from a ridge top and landed 21 meters below. He broke his hip and several ribs. Luckily, his trusty Border Collie was there to come to his aid and ensure the rescue went smoothly.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022, an individual and his Border Collie named black Saul went on an adventure in the forest of Tahoe straddling the state of California and Nevada to United States. The duo enjoyed a nice walk between century-old trees and breathtaking canyons.

However, the master suddenly fell from a 21-meter high ridge.

He seriously injured his hip and ribs, preventing him from walking. Also, he didn’t have his cell phone on him. The survivor therefore climbed as best he could to his base camp and called the emergency services around noon.

Denis Haakfrom the county sheriff’s office Nevada, a dispatched to the scene 25 rescuers. But the wooded area was inaccessible to vehicles.

7 hours of waiting in terrible suffering

Denis Haak and his team was lost and could not find the trace of the man. But suddenly, they came face to face with a dog. It was about Saul at bay. He fervently jumped on the rescuers and headed for a specific destination, barking.

“Hey, I think this dog is trying to lead us somewhere. So we will follow him”then had warned his colleagues by radio the chief of operations, report The New York Times.

At first, the rescuers did not have much confidence in Saul. However, only 200 meters further, they found his master. The poor man suffered a lot, but was grateful and proud of his faithful companion.

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The injured person was evacuated by helicopter. Saul, he was taken to a local shelter who took care of him until his owner was back on his feet. Today he returned home as a true hero.


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