a dog found dead in the Trieux, weighted down by a breeze block

The body of a dog was found last Thursday in Trégonneau (Côtes-d’Armor), in the Trieux river. It was a fisherman who made the macabre discovery, reports The Telegram. The animal was probably thrown into the stream, with a cinder block attached to its leash.

Not identified

Alerted by the fisherman, a deputy mayor of the town recovered the poor animal. Didier Guillou thus explains to our colleagues that the body of the dog had to remain at the bottom of the water for at least two days. He also specifies to Actu.fr that the animal was neither chipped nor tattooed.

The gendarmerie was seized but it will be difficult to trace the owner, the dog not being identified. On social networks, the photo of the animal lying under water has reacted to Internet users who denounce an act of cruelty, specifies the information site.

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