A dog for his diabetes

Thursday evening at the Hotel de la Poste took place the official presentation of the assistance dog for young diabetics offered by the Rotary Club of Pithiviers. “It’s a ray of sunshine in the disease. This is how the parents of Axel, 10, brought Oasis into their home.

Their son has type 1 diabetes which requires constant vigilance to avoid hyperglycemia (too much sugar) or hypoglycemia (not enough sugar) which can quickly lead to coma.

“Extraordinary flair”

The arrival of the Labrador in 2020 changed everything. “He has an extraordinary flair, and can detect dangerous situations up to a quarter of an hour in advance, day and night and even in another room of the house”, tell the parents, with many anecdotes supporting. Results ? The nights are calmer for the whole family with stable blood sugar levels. The young man, who loves mechanics and old vehicles, can dream of a future job as an aeronautical engineer or a space engineer, for example.

The joy of the family is the best reward for the members of the Rotary club who mobilized to raise the 25,000 euros necessary for the very specialized learning of Oasis. And this in the middle of the Covid period with the two canceled lottos.

The thirtieth pair

The Acadia association, the only one in France to train assistance dogs for young diabetics, has also been hampered by the pandemic. The Axel-Oasis duo is the thirtieth operational since its creation. The president, Florine Munier, present Thursday evening, hopes to set up a dozen additional pairs in the coming months.

Privilege. www.acadia-asso.org.


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