A couple of coffee swifts, a sub-Saharan bird, make their nest for the first time in Corsica

The information was published this Friday on the Facebook page of the Regional Natural Park of Corsica (PNRC): for the first time in Corsica – but also in France – a couple of Cafe Martinet (apus cafe) was observed last July, somewhere in Haute-Corse.

According to the PNRC, for many observers, the discovery is written “ornithological event of the year 2022”.

And if the Park keeps the exact location of their nesting place confidential, it is above all to preserve the tranquility of the birds on the site, during the breeding season. The latter being over, this is probably why the information is only communicated today.

The Coffee Swift is a sub-Saharan bird, which normally nests in the Iberian Peninsula. For the PNRC, “This discovery in Corsica is also a first in France”.

He also specifies that “The monitoring of this new species is carried out by the SMPNRC(1)Corsican birds – Ornithys(2) and A Pichjarina(3).

Observers wonder about this migratory variation. A variation that could be caused by the high temperatures due to the climate change that the island has experienced this summer.

And which could well be brought to repeat itself. Every year.

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1. Mixed Syndicate of the Regional Natural Park of Corsica
2. Ornithological studies and advice.
3. Ornithological Association of Corsica.

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