a complaint will be filed

On Wednesday October 19, the Association for the Respect and Protection of Animals (Arpa 47) therefore went to the owner, who suffers from psychological disorders, with the intention of having an autopsy performed on the corpses of animals by a veterinarian.

Suspicions of fracture

According to the Fondation 30 millions d’amis, a partner of the Boétienne association, the conclusions of the report highlight the facts of animal abuse (lack of care and food): a Pincher dog in “a cadaverous state”, a “small cachectic dog” or even a small ratter with a “suspicion of old fractures”.

“When we came, he could not explain the reason for these freezings and again denied the cynophagy (1)”, relates Marie Dubos, the president of Arpa who will, in the coming days, file a complaint to the gendarmerie for an act of cruelty and abandonment resulting in the death of an animal.

We encounter difficulties in determining their exact age because the malformations may be due to a deficiency.

In this file presented as “complicated”, the man was forced to admit that he had five other dogs (alive this time) in conditions of abuse. The Lot-et-Garonnais would have already been the subject of a report for these same facts several years ago.

The owner agreed to give in to the Arpa 47 refuge where they have since been cared for and groomed. “These are adult poodle-type dogs, most of whom are between 7 and 9 years old, but we are having difficulty determining their exact age because the malformations may be due to a deficiency”, explains the animal defender who assists the green light for adopters. The 30 Million Friends Foundation is a civil party.

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