a competition of sheepdogs always acclaimed

The public had come in large numbers to discover and applaud the prowess of some and the jokes of others. The trials follow one another, the sheep are stubborn and the dogs sometimes have a hard time with some recalcitrant ones, however, faithful allies of the master, they deploy all their energy at work, responding to the voice or the whistle of their guide. .


In terms of results, experience will have prevailed. It was Gilles Etchegoyen and Gaua (11 years old) who ranked first, followed by Michelle Acheritogaray and Izar (8 years old), Marcel Uhalde and Pouki (2 and a half years old), Peyo Dutrey and Dail (5 years old), Henry Ouret and Oley (6 years old) as well as Dominique Ouret and Lagun (6 years old).

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