A commemorative sculpture dedicated to the hero dogs accomplished in the commune of a unit of the most important cynophiles of Europe

A reinforced stele to honor the 4-legged heroes was stopped in Suippes in the Marne, a town where one of the largest military canine units in Europe is based. Its bipedal and quadrupedal members were also present during the ceremony.

Helmet Adrian on his head, a prominent mustache and a German Shepherd tight against him… The scene offered by the sculpture which has just been deactivated in Suippes (51) perfectly illustrates the link that could exist between the Poilus of the First World War and the dogs that accompanied them to the front. More generally, it symbolizes the heroism of these canids who witnessed the darkest hours of humanity on the front line and demonstrated unparalleled courage.

Illustration of the article: A commemorative sculpture dedicated to the repressed hero dogs in the commune of one of the most important canine units in Europe
Municipality of Suippes / Facebook

It was yesterday, Thursday October 20, that this commemorative sculpture was presented during a ceremony organized in the Marne town which hosts the 132e canine infantry regiment of the army, reported TV5 World.

Heiress of 132e An infantry regiment founded during the Revolution, this unit received its current name in July 2019, after having been “dog group” (1977) then “dog battalion” (1999). It now has the largest kennel in Europe.

First memorial dedicated to civil and military hero dogs ” in the country, this bronze stele called ” Brothers in arms » is the work of Milthon, 59-year-old Franco-Colombian artist. The Société Centrale Canine provided the funding.

A memorial paying tribute to the “admirable work of dogs in the service of mankind”

The French dog association whose president, Alexander Balzerin particular the installation of this monument which symbolizes the admirable work of our dogs in the service of Man, from the visiting dog in our hospitals to the patrol dog in the mountains of Afghanistan “.

The sculpture was unveiled in front of several pairs from 132e canine infantry regiment in ceremonial uniform, made up of German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois Shepherds and their handlers.

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