A columnist attacks Olivier Véran, live on RTL

Even if he is no longer Minister of Health, Olivier Véran continues to inform the French about the health situation linked to Covid-19. This Friday, September 23, for example, he is on the set of RTL and was a guest on Yves Calvi’s show. The opportunity for the new government spokesperson to get “acquainted” with the humorous columnist Philippe Caverivière who precisely devoted a column to the politician.

“You see Yves, when Olivier Véran was Minister of Health in the middle of Covid, I would have felt guilty to make him lose five minutes. But there, spokesperson, we know he is cool”begins the columnist in order to make it clear that he was going to “let go” during his pastille and that he would not hesitate to return to the Minister of Health despite his status. “You succeeded the prodigy Gabriel Attal, the government’s Kids United. The Covid made you, Amandine said, the star of the ministers! He was your best press officer. He was a bit like the Dominique Besnehard of viruses …”he continues before interrupting his column.

Not satisfied with the number of cases

“Uh how many cases he said there were Olivier Véran?”asks Philippe Caverivière who brings in a well-known voice from the film The Bronzes. “30,000” she replies. The chronicler of Yves Calvi then tries to imagine a dialogue with the character of the film and launches a negotiation. “Oh come on 20,000”he tries before the voice becomes firm: “No 30,000”. Tired of not achieving his ends, he then lets go: “Oh forget it’s a jerk!”. A sequence that did not fail to make the set laugh, as well as the main concerned.

However, a few minutes before, Olivier Véran did not show a broad smile when he took stock of the health situation in the country. “Here we go again yes for 15 days”he announced quite coldly before being more reassuring than usual when he indicated that it took time to make a final assessment: “After what is the magnitude? Is it a wave strictly speaking, what will be the magnitude… […] Then we know how to defend ourselves, that’s it. We have ordered new vaccines that are effective against the Omicron strain.”

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