A cat taken in by an association moves the web with her singing talents (video)

Ethel is a fifteen year old female cat. When the Cottingham shelter rescued her, she needed emergency treatment. Once in better shape, she caused a sensation on the Internet in a touching video.

When it was discovered in the region of Hayton and Intermediate grovein the east ofEngland, Ethel was in a worrying state of health.

The members of the association posted a message on Facebook to find the owners of the animal, without success.

Suspected of being infected with coryza, a contagious disease in cats, Ethel was immediately taken to veterinary emergencies, where she underwent a blood test and quarantine. She also had treatment with eye drops to treat vision problems.

Illustration of the article: A cat taken in by an association moves the web with her singing talents (video)

Cottingham Cat Rescue/Facebook

These treatments were expensive, but the cat”was worth it“according to members of the shelter.

An “adorable” and “affectionate” cat

Following this support, Ethel was wearing”very good“. The shelter took the opportunity to film a touching and rather surprising moment: the cat began to purr while eating its meal.

This melodious little tune caused a sensation and lifted the hearts of many Internet users: “We’re glad she’s on the mend“, “You did a good job, she looks so much happier” we could read among the comments of the video.

“All cats crave a second chance”

There is no age to give hope to a cat in need. This is the state of mind that reigns at Cottingham Cat Rescue, this non-profit association, which helps stray and abandoned cats. These are notably sterilized and vaccinated before any adoption.

Despite all the love and care given to Ethelthe time had come for her to leave“. The person in charge of the refuge confides on her page Facebook that the cat passed away a month after arriving at Cottingham Cat Rescue. Ethel lived the last moments of his life”like a queen“and authorized”people who loved her and saved her“.

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