A cat jumped on the arms of a girl in a wheelchair and chose her as family

A Rescued Cat Had A Surprising Reaction While Implementing Her New Family; the cat jumped into the arms of a girl in a wheelchair and never let go. Chris Poole, a person dedicated to rescuing and caring for homeless cats in his neighborhood, has noticed a new face in the industry. A magnificent white feline with blue eyes appeared to join the other cats and feed, repeating the action a few days later.

The new neighborhood pet was apparently homeless and had been wandering the cold streets for a long time.

© Lori Griggs

Chris told Love Meow:

“Apartment complexes tend to have lots of homeless cats in dumpsters, as well as cats that get thrown out when people move house. »

A cat jumped into the lap of a girl in a wheelchair

As the days passed, the cat slowly gained the trust of her little foodie and became a friendlier provider. When the feline realized that his human friend had only good intentions, he approached him and let himself be completely petted.

Chris recounts:

“There was an even bigger breakthrough when I showed her the catnip. He would turn around and let me stroke his belly and we usually had a good time. »

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Chris realized that the feline wanted a home and decided to seek help from an animal rescue center in order to to find him a home.

The Suncoast Animal League animal shelter in Palm Harbor, Florida quickly moved in and offered to help the kitten. With the help of catnip, the cat was caught in a human trap and said goodbye to a difficult life on the streets.

After a few days, the cat adapted easily to life at the shelter and became an affectionate animal who only wanted attention.

Suncoast Animal League volunteer Larissa Condarcure told Love Meow:

“He’s been christened ‘Sinatra’ and it suits him well because he’s very vocal all the time.”

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The volunteer seemed to have the perfect home for Sinatra, so she approached Lori Griggs, who had been at the shelter with her daughter Kiley, looking for a pet for months. They were having a hard time finding the perfect cat to be their pet, and Larissa was there to help them in their search.

Unfortunately, Kiley uses an electric wheelchair, and most cats, when they see these armchairs, are very fearful and run away.

After visiting several shelters in an attempt to find the right feline, they arrived at the Suncoast Animal League and luckily Sinatra made a grand entrance. The brave cat approached Kiley and, without hesitation, jumped into his arms and landed on his lap to snuggle up comfortably.

The two felt an immediate connection, Sinatra brushed up against Kiley who caressed him and put a big smile on his face. The feline didn’t mind the wheelchair in the least, preferring to sit comfortably on his new owner’s lap, purring.

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Lori explains as follows:

“When we opened his travel crate on our daughter’s bed, he slipped in and curled up.”

After months of searching for the perfect pet and many visits to the shelter, Kiley has finally found her perfect feline friend. Sinatra has now become a full time parlor cat, as soon as Kiley wakes up he is ready to love and be loved.

Lori explains as follows:

“It’s like he’s been part of the family since way before. He sits on her lap in the wheelchair while she does her schoolwork and snuggles up to her throughout the day. »

Lori works from home and her daughter stays home, so Sinatra gets a lot of attention all day, every day. Kiley and Sinatra have become true best friends and are inseparable.

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