A cat comes face to face with a bear in front of his house and makes a heroic decision

Significantly smaller and less powerful than its counterpart, a cat largely compensated for this disadvantage by relying on its incredible determination when it found itself facing ours. The plantigrade had approached the house of the masters of the feline, which was therefore determined to protect both its territory and its family.

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A priori, when a large black bear comes face to face with a domestic cat, the balance of power is clearly in favor of the former. However, a Bengal by the name of tigger was not at all intimidated by the size and power of the ursid who had appeared in front of his house. A story told by North Shore News Wednesday, June 22.

The scene in question took place on Tuesday at midday in the north of Vancouverin the province of British Columbia (Western Canada).

At this moment, Gavin Sturrock, the owner of the brave cat, was about to leave his home to go camping. As he exited the main door, he was surprised to find himself face to face with a black bear (American Ursus), the most common species in North America.

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First worried about his safety and that of tigger, who was already outside, he quickly realized that the latter was not at all intimidated. The man then took out his smartphone to film this incredible moment. The video was then posted on the platform ICT Tacwhere it quickly went viral.

The images therefore showed the black bear stopping dead in front of the cat, which adopted a posture of defiance. He arched his back while advancing slowly towards the ursid, then quickened his pace when he saw that the latter preferred to go back.

tigger even ran after him for a few yards, before letting him walk away from the property.

Tigger had already had this attitude towards dogs

Gavin Sturrock couldn’t believe his eyes. We can also hear him asking his cat to come back. He confides that, at that moment, he feared the worst for tigger. He remembers saying to himself, Oh my god this bear is going to devour my cat “. It was without counting the bravery of the feline.


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His human says that bears rarely venture into the area, but that the day before, he had seen the one that tigger had hunted rummaging through the neighborhood garbage cans.

He explains, moreover, that it was not the first time that his cat opposed an animal much larger than him. The Bengal had put big dogs on the run before.


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