a breeding of llamas trained for clearing


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Direction Ariège, to discover a llamas farm. The animal, rustic and sensitive, has adapted perfectly.

This little corner of Ariège looks just like the Andes mountain range (South America). However, we are 10,000 km from Bolivia, Auzatin the valley of Vicdessos. It is here that Laurence chose to raise his llamas. A rustic and endearing animal, which has completely adapted to the Ariège lands. He’s intelligent, very sensitive, he sees his environment very well, who we are, who the people he doesn’t know are.”indicates Laurence Marandola.

After 16 years spent in Bolivia, Laurence returned to France to set up her own breeding. She dresses primarily for clearing. More and morefarmers and even municipalities use it, because ruminants love brambles and spiciness. domesticated it 5,000 years ago, this cousin of the camel tolerates both cold and heat very well, an advantage during heat waves. Another advantage of the llama: furry son. Each animal produces 2.5 kilos of wool, collected and woven in the valley to make hats, sweaters and scarves.

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