a boss from Pas-de-Calais offers a bonus of 1,000 euros to his employees



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To cope with inflation, the 700 employees of the Goudale and Saint-Omer breweries, in Pas-de-Calais, will receive an exceptional bonus of 1,000 euros at the end of the month.

In a brewery located in Arques (Pas-de-Calais), sales have fallen by an average of 20% each year despite Covid-19 and the increase in the price of raw materials. The boss, André Pecqueur, has therefore decided to reward his employees by announcing to them this week of October 17, the payment of a bonus of 1,000 euros. “It’s nice”, recognized as an employee. “Sometimes people say to me: ‘You have a great success’. I say: No, we have a super success”says André Pecqueur, CEO of the Goudale and Saint-Omer breweries.

In total, 700 employees will receive the bonus of 1,000 euros from October 28. “I’m going to put a little aside, I’m going to treat myself for the holidays”, rejoices one of them. According to the employees, this is not the first time that the boss has shown sharing. “The bosses need to understand that ultimately the money belongs to society and not to the bosses”, continues André Pecqueur. In addition to the bonus, the CEO has decided to advance this year the payment of the 13th month from November.

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