A black cat knocks on the door of her canine companion every day (video)

Every morning, a black cat named Black Cat shows up in the garden of her friend Benji, a Jack Russell/Springer mix. Between the two animals was born an exceptional friendship that has gone viral on social networks.

Get along like cat and dog is a popular expression used to designate a disagreement between 2 individuals. And yet, the unique link between Black cat and benji came to contradict this famous saying!

Sarah Hunt and his dog benji live at Marchan English town in Cambridgeshire. When the puppy is 4 months old, his mistress begins to take the habit of walking with him every afternoon. She will quickly realize that they are not left alone during their walks…

Illustration of the article: A black cat knocks every day on the door of its canine companion (video)

Sarah Hunt/TikTok

Indeed, a small feline which will be renowned Black cat seem to follow them. When she turns around, Sarah systematically sees a black cat following in their footsteps. The animal stays away, but she seems genuinely interested in them. Then, one day, the black cat will no longer be content to accompany them from a distance every afternoon. She started coming to their garden every morning, and seemed to have something in mind…

The pussy just wanted a friend

Illustration of the article: A black cat knocks every day on the door of its canine companion (video)

Sarah Hunt/TikTok

Sarah wondered, at the time, if the cat was stray. In this case, she would not have hesitated to adopt it, she addressed to the magazine Subway. But the cat seemed well fed and healthy. Sarah therefore conclude that it is a cat from the neighborhood, who only had eyes for benji and who was presumably to be her friend.

benji will quickly join her in the garden for long games. The 2 animals that everything oppose quickly became inseparable, and Black cat never knew how to do without him again! Every morning, she came to knock on his door to start the day on the right foot, and if she didn’t join him during his post-meridian walk, she never forgot to show up in the garden as soon as the sun went down.

Finding Black Cat Owners

Illustration of the article: A black cat knocks on the door of its canine companion every day (video)

Sarah Hunt/TikTok

The masters of Black cat are currently unidentified. ” His necklace and medal are very worn and we don’t even know his real name. ” entrust Sarah a Subway. The feline lives in the entourages and probably has a family there. This is the reason why Sarah do not leave too many treats and food for her, fearing that the cat will no longer return home.

An exceptional friendship that has gone viral

The link between these 2 beasts that everything opposes has become a success on social networks. Sarah share their adventures on ICT Tac and some of their videos have been viewed over 700,000 times. ” This friendship is so precious! exclaims one commentator, while another writes: Give this cat a key! »


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Sarah has even received from some Internet users the request to create a wish list, so that the 2 animals can receive gifts! It’s a wonderful story of friendship Sarah hopes to be able to share, one day, with the owners of Black cat

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