a beach authorized for dogs accessible before the end of the summer

This is a divisive subject, which often irritates dog owners.

Probably not wanting to be disturbed during their swim or their tanning break, or else fearing for the cleanliness of the sites, many holidaymakers or residents of seaside resorts simply refuse the presence of these animals on the beaches they frequent.

Only with tenacity, the balance of power can be changed, as in the city of Hyères in the Var.

Thanks to a petition which has accumulated more than 2,500 signatures and the authorization of the town hall, part of the beach of Ayguade (to the left of the Club Multicoques d’Hyères) now authorizes Médor to come and cool off from mid -august.

Good news for these pets, for whom these heat waves also require them to adapt to heat to which they are not accustomed. Veterinarians also warn against heat exhaustion, as well as heart and respiratory failure.

Impeccable behavior required

The “take your dog” website dedicated, in part, to good plans to make in the company of his favorite animal, welcomes this while warning users about good practices: “ no breach of civility will be tolerated by the municipality! The behavior of dog owners must be beyond reproach! No degradation or droppings left on the ground! they warn.


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