A 5-month-old dog mistreated in Bussy-Saint-Georges saved by an association

A young dog was taken from its owners for abuse in an apartment in Bussy-Saint-Georges in Seine-et-Marne. ©PxHere

Police officers from the Lagny/Chessy agglomeration police station found this puppy named Obito in a sorry state. On Wednesday October 19, 2022, they intervened at the home of a couple in Bussy-Saint-Georges, after having received a report from the Fondation Assistance Animaux association the day before.

In the apartment, the signs of abuse are evident. The balcony is dotted with droppings and D’urine, a sign that the puppy was not going out. On a sideboard, a dog was found and traces of blood and claws were raised on a wall.

Those are testimonials neighbors, who heard the animal suffer, who alerted the association. The latter therefore filed a handrail with the municipal police of Bussy-Saint-Georges.

Puppy found malnourished, beaten, missing a tooth

The dog, a young 5 month staff, was nominated to the association and examined by a veterinarian. According to his report, the animal is fearful, indeed it lacks a milk crocodilehe is abnormally thin, suffers from deficiencies foods that cause him a number of disorders. The length of its claws seems to confirm that the animal rarely went out.

His gait is also considered abnormal, probably related to coup d’etat. He also wears a Game at the level of the posterior and at a damaged ear.

Subject to a ban on keeping animals

When the police intervene, there is three people in the flat. A couple and a cousin. The police will discover that the 23-year-old man has already been convicted in the Bobigny court for abuse and cruelty on animals in 2018. His 19-year-old company was involved in the same case and the Animal Assistance Foundation was already a civil party. At the end of the trial, the young man had been imprisoned for two years and punished with a ban on keeping an animaljust like his company.

According to a source close to the investigation, it is the cousin, who would have acquired the young puppy a few weeks before and would have left in this apartment, unable to keep it with her. It would be the company that took care of it, without however being able to provide any papers.

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Two people charged

In the end, the cousin is prosecuted for animal abandonment and is the subject of a penal order. The man, was referred for having violates the ban on keeping animals. He was again sanctioned with 6 months in prison.

Only the company was left free. She was under a ban on keeping 1st category dogs. Due to his age, the dog does not fall into this category.

the puppy has been designated to the association and placed in a foster family.

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