600 purebred dogs are expected on Sunday in Serres-Castet

Pedigree dogs, Pyrenean Shepherd, King Charles, Scottish Greyhound, Dachshund, Spaniel and much more, will participate in this beauty contest.

A total of 600 pedigree dogs will compete in six different categories: baby, ward, intermediate, open, champion, veteran.

Confirmation session on Saturday

“In addition to this beauty contest, which makes it possible to obtain a certificate of aptitude for compliance with the standard in order to earn points for the title of champion of France, we refused on Saturday June 25, the day before the contest , a confirmation session. This examination makes it possible to validate the definitive pedigree of the dog”, underlines Sylvie Cazenave, member of the association, which assists a hundred dogs for this day of Saturday.

The editorial staff advises you

Note that this national exhibition will take place for the first time in Serres-Castet. In previous years, the event took place at the Pau Expo Fair.

“If this first attempt at Serres-Castet is successful, next year we will offer a national exhibition and an international exhibition! says Sylvie Cazenave.

For further information: Sylvie Cazenave on 06 99 42 12 46.

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