5 mistakes to avoid when walking your dog

We love them, but sometimes we make mistakes with our pets. Dogs need daily walks, big or small. So, what are these mistakes that we make while walking our dog ? And above all, do you comment? LeLynx.fr enlightens you.

Mistake #1: Pulling on the leash all the time

Does your dog pull like crazy on his leash on a walk, which tends to exasperate you? However, there is no point in pulling violently on the leash in turn. This behavior, which is counterproductive, even in the long term risksdamage the neck and joints of your companion, especially if you use a collar.

The best behavior to have is to you stop as soon as your dog pulls too much. Ignore it until it gives some slack. Congratulate him then with a caress or a treat, according to his preference. Then resume walking, and repeat the exercise until your dog integrates the instruction.

It gives long walks, it is true, and requires patience, but the results obtained will offer you in the future much more enjoyable outings. Of course, the younger the dog, the faster this learning will be acquired.

Mistake #2: Not letting him sniff

a beagle dog sniffs on the floor

You don’t let your pet sniffing feces and urine other animals? Know that what seems dirty to you is absolutely not so for your four-legged friend. Even better : the dog communicates mainly through smells. It’s his main way of guiding himself, much like humans with sight. He finds there a large amount of information about his environment. This allows him to situate himself in relation to others, and to point out his group ofmembership. Moreover, for some breeds, like the Beagle, sniffing is almost a physiological need.

Moreover, it is also for him a great way to relax. Indeed, sniffing has cerebral calming effect on dogs.

Did you know? 15 minutes of intense sniffing is equivalent to about an hour of physical exercise!

As you will have understood, a good walk will not be measured by the number of kilometers covered, but rather by the different smells sniffed. So let it be!

Mistake #3: Not taking your time

a woman walks her dog

For your dog, the walk is the highlight of his day. This is where it will generate be able to appeal to all of one’s senses, and in the first place his sense of smell. Whether he is a young sporty dog ​​or an elderly doggie, he must be able to make the most of this moment: it’s HIS time. Defecating should never be the only objective of the outing!

Don’t forget that we impose on our pets long periods of solitude. To reward them for being such good companions, we must provide them with qualitative outputs.

So remember to take the time. Multiply the places to walk in order to take pleasure in it: in the forest, in parks… the walk is also an opportunity for you to discover new places, and to meet new people. You will say thank you to your dog!

Mistake #4: Scolding him all the time

a person argues over a dog

Your dog barks for a yes or a no on a ride ? It becomes uncontrollable when it crosses passers-by, bicycles or congeners?

Rather than barking at him in turn (which will only increase his stress), we recommend that you find out why your dog is engaging in this behavior. Too full of enthusiasm? Lack of socialization? Fear ? Need significant physical expenditure? Overexcited at the idea of ​​meeting congeners?

Depending on the cause, you may working with your dog in order to make the walks more serene.

For example: if your dog pulls a lot when he meets fellow dogs, you may need trivialize meetings with other doggies. Of the dog walking groups existing throughout France, on Facebook for example. They allow you to organize meetings in order to socialize your dog.

Do not hesitate to get help from a behaviorist who makespositive education. It helps you ignore the behaviorsnegativesfrom your dog, and reinforce good attitudes with rewards and praise. You might be very surprised at the benefits of such an accompaniment.

Mistake #5: Avoiding encounters with other dogs

two dogs meet

This is the most common mistake made by dog ​​owners. Out of fear, many masters deprive their companion of an encounter with a congener. Or, dogs need interaction with their peers. As humans, we can certainly provide them with comfort and security, as well as a relationship of trust. But contacts between congeners are precious and irreplaceable.

A good presentation starts with a transparent exchange between masters. So, when you come across a doggie, do not hesitate to ask its walker if it is reactive or not, and if it is possible to let yours approach.

Generally, Stay calm and serene when approaching a fellow dog: your dog has confidence in you and relies on your attitude. If he senses your stress at the meeting, he will be on the defensive. Conversely, if you approach the meeting positively, he will be more serene and will be able to enjoy this moment.

Of course, these tips are to be adapted to the character and behavioral traits of your companion. Only you know what is best for him. For example, some dogs may feel insecure when meeting on a leash because they don’t have the ability to run away. In this case, it is better to prefer free dating, in dog parks for example. There are some everywhere in France.

Good walk!

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