5 dead dogs found in freezer

More than a week after the discovery of 5 dead dogs in the freezer of a private individual in Tonneins (Lot-et-Garonne), Arpa 47 – partner of the 30 Million Friends Foundation – obtained the transfer of his 5 other animals. A complaint for an act of cruelty and abandonment resulting in the death of an animal is filed.

Sordid… The municipal police of Tonneins, in Lot-et-Garonne, discovered 5 corpses of dogs in the freezer of an individual (11/10/2022).

An autopsy performed

It was a neighbor who alerted the authorities, alarmed by the defendant’s proposals. The latter would have indeed boasted of “ eat dog meat and dispose of it at home. ” Follow-up for psychological disorders “, he ” would have retracted ” in front of the police claiming ” not having had time to bury them after the death of his wife writes Sud-Ouest. According to him, ” the dogs belonged to him and would have died naturally “.

According to the report of the autopsy, obtained by 30millionsdamis.fr, “it is obvious that one can assume mistreatment” on the dogs “for lack of care and food”. “Given the cadaverous state of the 5 dogs, the freezing had to be delayed for a long time”, ended the report. Among the corpses, a Pincher dog in “a cadaverous state and extremely thin”, a “little 3 kg dog of about 7 years old cachectic” or even a “little ratter in the same state as the others” with a “suspicion of old fractures”.

5 more dogs rescued

In view of the findings, the Arpa 47 association – partner of the 30 Million Friends Foundation – returned to the site to take care of the 5 other dogs living at home. ” We were able to get them out of a difficult situationexplains Marie Dubos, president of the association. The animals were not identified and lacked care. The man agreed to give in amicably. They were then taken to the vet.

The 5 dogs are taken in by Arpa 47 where they will be cared for and groomed before being offered for adoption. A complaint for acts of cruelty and abandonment resulting in the death of a deposited animal serum. The 30 Million Friends Foundation is a civil party.


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