450 philosophers sign against the industrial exploitation of animals

With the work carried out for fourteen years by a small image proof factory named L214, there are not many people left to misjudge what the animal condition is in this 21st century.e century, and particularly that of so-called “butchery” animals. This is a macabre turning point of capitalism: having transformed into a raw material like any other the pig, the cow or the rabbit, slightly more considered than rubber and the cocoa bean, infinitely exploitable, brought into the world artificially to be abused in giant “farms” or dark enclosures for the duration of their short existence. Today, four hundred and fifty philosophers come to express all the terror that this reality inspires in them and demand an end to torture with a Montreal Declaration on Animal Exploitation, which begins with these words:

“We are researchers in moral and political philosophy. Our work is part of various philosophical traditions and we are rarely all of the same opinion. However, we agree on the need to profoundly transform our relationships with other animals. We condemn all practices that involve treating animals as things or commodities. »

Among the signatories, there are some philosophers from France such as Florence Burgat, Émilie Dardenne, Philippe Devienne, Joëlle Proust or Renan Larue who have succeeded in raising awareness on the issue. On this World Day of

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