4 things to do to protect your pets

When a person decides to adopt an animal, they undertake to feed it and provide it with a roof. But his responsibilities do not end there. She must also look after him and above all, she must protect him from anything that could constitute a danger to his life. Do you have a pet and are concerned about its safety? Here are 4 things to watch out for.

Toxic products

You should be careful of any products that may be toxic to your pet. This assumes that you must first find out about foods that are dangerous for your animal’s species. If you have a dog, for example, know that he must not ingest chocolate. On the other hand, if you have a cat, you must ensure that it does not consume avocado.

In addition to food products, you should also keep an eye out for other toxins like rat poison and mouse poison. By placing them on the floor or on a table, there is a risk that your pet will swallow them. To know how to get rid of mice Without using these products, do not hesitate to call an exterminator.

The other animals

Other animals can pose a danger to your pets. For the dog, for example, certain insects can harm its health. This is the case with bees and wasps. Other wild and harmful animals must also be ruled out, such as the snake whose bite could have serious consequences. If you let your pet hang out in the garden, make sure that the place is well secured.

Small objects and sharp tools

Above all, do not leave small objects lying around, because it only takes a little for your pet to start swallowing them. Marbles, toys, earrings must be stored properly to avoid accidents.

In addition, you must take the same measures with regard to sharp or pointed objects such as knives.

Electrical sources

If you have adopted a very active pet such as a dog or a cat, you must take all necessary measures to avoid electrocution. To do this, pay attention to all electrical sources. Start by securing electrical outlets by placing outlet covers. As for the wires, fix them in height or place them in protective gains. And every time you leave the room, remember to unplug them so as not to take any risks.

Also be careful in the kitchen by keeping your pet away from the hotplates.

As you can see, having an animal at home requires a lot of vigilance. But if despite all the precautions, a domestic accident occurs, do not hesitate to take the animal to the veterinarian.

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