4 perfect fall getaways for you… and your dog!

Having a dog also means planning your getaways around them. Admit that it is also your type. The proof, you clicked on this content 😉

No judgment here: I’m the same. So here are 4 ideas for you for fall weekends that will please both you and your dog.

See the images in the video above.

More “wild” destinations

We start with the mythical Poisson Blanc Regional Park. If you’ve never been there and are slightly flexible on dates, jump at the chance.

The dates are transposed quickly, but camping on the islands is the ideal place to unwind in nature and allow little one to let go of his madness. We go there by canoe, so think about the life jacket of your animal and pack your bags accordingly!

The price during the week for the low season varies between $50 and $80 per day depending on the number of tents on the ground and on weekends, it varies between $60 and $120.

Another great option for “backcountry” camping enthusiasts, or backcountry for short, is in Ontario, charleston lake. The beautiful and remote place is accessible either by hiking or by boat (canoe passion). It takes between 10 minutes and 2 hours to get there, depending on the chosen site and your means of transport!

The site is REALLY affordable, we’re talking about $9 per adult, per night… Oh and consider renting a boarding in advance to avoid getting stuck in the water.

There’s even the more traditional option of having a go next to the car, but it looks like getting out of civilization gives our dogs even more playground.

For the most cozy!

If you are more cozy, I thought of you too. First stop idea: Les conifères B&B, café and boutique, located in Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard, near Saint-Sauveur. Dogs (even big doggies) are welcome in the suite located in the Cascades pavilion and there are plenty of great activities around.

Stroll along the shores of Lac Saint-Joseph, hike on Mont Avalanche or even just visit the adorable village… Everything is there to soak up the magic of fall in a picturesque setting.

And we end with a visit to hygge cabins located located in Orford! Nestled between Mount Orford and Lake Memphremagog, needless to say that you will have plenty of activities to do all around. They are happy to show that dogs are welcome and that, we love it! Your furry friend will therefore also be in “relaxation and discovery” mode!

It’s the perfect place for hikes in the fall colors and evenings by the fire pit watching the flames dance.

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