3 out of 4 French people are in favor of limited visits to the maternity ward

A delivery and a birth are always great moments in the life of a family, but for the mother who gives birth, it is above all an exhausting, painful and emotional period. Especially since from then on, rest is no longer really on the program, since it is now necessary to take care of this little being who has just been born. But sometimes, if the first days are complicated, it is also because the young parents see the visits follow one another in the maternity ward.

Reduced visits due to Covid-19

However, the situation has changed a little over two years ago. The arrival of the pandemic linked to Covid-19 has had many anticipated impacts, in particular by limiting authorized visits to the maternity ward. No more family parade, only one person was allowed to come: a partner with a negative test.

Some people have determined these measures, but according to a study carried out by the school of midwives at the University of Saint-Quentin (Yvelines) relayed by Le Parisien, most families seem satisfied with this new organization. In any case, this is the case for 73% of the 456 women who were interviewed after giving birth between June and July 2021. That is almost three out of four people, therefore.

Time to enjoy your baby

For the young parents interviewed, this period of respite just after birth is welcome, since it allows families to get used to this new dynamic with an infant. Young parents can thus take the time to learn the right gestures with the midwives, and above all, they do not have to manage the sequence of visits from family and in-laws, photos and questions. on baby.

The only regret of young mothers: that siblings are not allowed when the parents have already had other children. Today, when the health situation is calmer, each hospital and each maternity can apply the protocol of its choice, but a good number of future parents have already been released from keeping this habit which they consider beneficial.

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