26 dogs saved from horror in Gironde

The Haute-Gironde refuge – partner of the 30 Million Friends Foundation – rescued 26 dogs who were living in appalling conditions in Sablons, Gironde (12/9/2022). The animals had no shelter, water or food. They were also infested with fleas.

The dogs had so many parasites that you couldn’t see their bellies anymore! No less than 26 dogs, including 1 puppy, were rescued by the Haute-Gironde refuge, a partner of the 30 Million Friends Foundation.

” It was horrible “

In Sablons (Gironde), the volunteers came up against a dramatic situation. The dogs were found stray on land, in dire condition (9/12/2022). They lived among the rubbish. ” It was horribletestifies Séverine, president of the refuge. The animals were skinny. A little dog weighed only one kilo! As for fleas, it was unimaginable. They were really everywhere… The dogs, some of which were untethered, had no food or water. A lead was even discovered in the body of one of them.

The owner was completely overwhelmed by events “, according to the association. His animals were neither identified nor sterilized.

The 30 Million Friends Foundation in support of care

Sold to the Girondine association, the 26 dogs given to live alongside humans before possible adoption. ” We were able to adopt 4 of themwe learn Séverine. For the others, there is a lot of socialization work to be done. They are very fearful, have never received hugs, do not respond to their name… »

Copinou helps Séverine and the volunteers of the Haute-Gironde refuge to socialize the other rescued dogs./DR

One of the survivors, “Copinou” plays a particularly important role. ” Very kind and more sociable », he helps the volunteers to give confidence to his congeners during the walks. The 30 Million Friends Foundation will provide financial assistance for the care of rescued dogs.


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