25,130 new cases and contaminations on the rise, point by department

According to daily data monitoring the Covid-19 epidemic published this Friday, June 3, 2022 by Public Health France, 25,130 new contaminations were reported in 24 hours.

Comparison with Friday of last week is not possible due to the closure of many laboratories on Ascension Thursday, which had led to a drop in screenings.

However, for the past few days there has been a halt in the decline, and a slight upward recovery in contamination:

The incidence rate of the epidemic at the national level was 196.47 cases per 100,000 inhabitants for the period from May 25 to 31 (consolidated data released at D + 3). Disturbed by the Thursday of the Ascension holiday, this indicator is however up slightly over the last few days, a trend to watch.

Here is the incidence rate by department for the same period from May 25 to 31:

If the slow decline in the incidence rate continues over a large part of the territory, some departments are recording new increases. This is particularly the case in Île-de-France, especially in Paris, where the incidence rate exceeds 240 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, up 10% over 7 days.

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The decline continues in the hospital

While caregivers are exhausted, and some emergency services are fermenting due to staff shortages, the burden of Covid-19 on the hospital system continues to ease, but very slowly.

Friday June 3, Public Health France recorded 390 new hospitalizations, for or with Covid-19, and the entry of 51 patients into critical care units.

A total of 14,419 were still hospitalized for or with Covid-19, 221 less than the day before. 917 patients were treated in critical care units, 9 less than the day before.

35 deaths that have occurred in recent days have been reported in the daily update. They bring the toll of the epidemic in France to 148,464 deaths.

MAP. Covid-19: 25,130 new cases and contamination on the rise, update by department

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